Wild Life

Lyrics written and recorded by George Robert

This GR for George Robert Universe
Check it, check it, check it, check it…
This is the facts of life
I went from rags to riches
I had a painful walk, like my toes were full of blisters
But I flipped the script, now I smile for every picture
Got a license to chill, doesn’t mean that I won’t hit ‘cha
With the sonically lasered throwback styles of two way pagers
Resurrect Koch for Mayor
Graffiti gettin’ sprayed up
Smack the glass on the layup
Half moons with the razor
Girls with no make up
Premier’s on the fader
We just gettin’ started
I got lock in this game
While you’ll be clocking his chain
He be clocking for change
Bottle poppin’ for fame
I be rocking for change
Crown Heights to White Plains
All these colorful dames
I keep it simple and plain
I done went through the pain
I had the rifle on the range
And now I entertain
My cloth ain’t the same
Real niggas remain
From wild life to tame
I’m a wolf inside
Just call out my name
I’m lion on the mic so you know I’m here to prey
It’s a jungle of the world zebra niggas betta pray
It’s cold ass world when it’s 30 below
When you’re born in poverty with no seeds to sew
On Park Avenue they got money to blow
The Hunger got you dizzy this is wild life bro
The Hunger got you dizzy this is wild life bro
The Hunger got you dizzy this is wild life bro.


Unorthodox instrumental created by DJ Premier

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